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2022 Achieve Workforce Fund Impact Report

Companies that solve the world’s greatest problems will generate outsized returns for investors. Achieve Partners is intentional in identifying companies where economic returns are directly linked to our social impact goals. For example, our workforce fund goal is placing 100,000 Americans into good first jobs they would not have been able to attain if not for the establishment of new Last-Mile Training pathways. At the same time, our companies generate revenue from each job placement.

We believe in standardized quantified impact metrics. Our workforce fund tracks the progression of new paid apprentices through consulting and full-time employment at clients, measuring income growth along the pathway, and demonstrating the value of our model for job seekers, particularly first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented minorities.

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Impact today means not only aligning profit with purpose, but also intentionality across the range of investment decisions that drive alpha creation. We believe purpose-driven leadership attracts stronger, more diverse teams which deliver superior economic returns to investors.

This is why we are founding members of Impact Capital Managers and were proud to be selected as an Emerging Impact Assets 50 member.

Apprentice Experiences

I probably wouldn’t have gotten this position just from going to the university I went to.
I knew I needed to improve my performance in a measurable way, because clearly my degree wasn’t enough.
It trained me on most of the skills and technologies I actually use in my job.
This pathway set me up for success, putting me in a position where I felt prepared to change careers and be successful. I love where I am now.
Training on technologies that are actually used in entry-level development jobs.