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Our Purpose

While millions of Americans have benefited from technological change and the rise of the digital economy, tens of millions more feel left behind. We believe legacy education and workforce systems have not adapted to the challenges of the 21st century and innovative new approaches are required to bridge the gap from education to employment.

Putting America Back to Work utilizes cutting edge technologies and novel business models to establish frictionless pathways to good jobs and secure the future of work for millions of Americans. By creating new frictionless pathways to work, we can significantly improve the diversity and effectiveness of the American workforce.


Of provosts think their university is preparing graduates for the world of work


Of hiring managers believe colleges are preparing graduates for employment

Our Core Goals

100,000 Americans into Good Jobs

Over the life of Putting America Back to Work, we will establish new pathways to allow 100,000 Americans to find good first jobs that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise attain. We define a good job as $50k+ starting salary in a growing sector of the economy and providing numerous career paths.

Focus on Employers

Achieve’s approach to closing the skills gap starts with employers. Across multiple skill gap sectors, we identify platforms with deep employer relationships and transform them into frictionless pathways to employment.

Partner with Education and Workforce Development

Putting America Back to Work’s platform companies will partner with universities, colleges, community colleges, school districts, workforce agencies, and the military to establish seamless pathways to good first jobs.

Cluster Pathways

With the view that geographic clusters can produce economies of scale at each stage - talent sourcing, Last-Mile Training, and placement - Putting America Back to Work is selecting a small number of metropolitan areas where multiple platforms, across different skill gap sectors, will create new pathways to good first jobs.

Market Leading Returns

By solving one of America’s greatest challenges, we dramatically accelerate the growth of portfolio companies and produce market-leading returns for investors.

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