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Education Investors’ Latest Fund Will Deploy $180 Million to Building Apprenticeships in High-Demand Fields

Ryan Craig and Daniel Pianko announced the close of a new $180 million fund dedicated to creating faster pathways to good jobs. Achieve Partners’ first-of-its-kind fund will focus...

Since colleges are failing to prepare students for tech jobs, it’s time to bring back apprenticeships

You can always tell a system is broken when you change the inputs and the outcomes don’t improve. Any software engineer will tell you that.

Tech has a labor shortage. Apprenticeships could be the answer.

Blame it on the pandemic or on the confluence of this year's other headline-rattling trends: Unfilled jobs in both small and big businesses are still a bleeding wound. Businesses need skilled, diverse workers. But where are people getting the skills?

This is the Dawning of the Age of Apprenticeship

If you’re looking for proof that everything old is new again, look no further than the widely circulated list of guidelines from the 1918 influenza pandemic. Many of the directives from a century ago—wear a mask, wash your hands...

Equity in the Last Mile

A lot has been written about last-mile training programs that provide just-in-time training around the specific skills and business experiences that employers are looking for in their open positions.

Jobtech Market Map (PDF)

What is JobTech? JobTech companies connect job seekers and employment by matching, training and placing candidates into jobs

Cloud for Good Announces Talent for Good Dallas Hub

Cloud for Good, alongside the University of North Texas at Dallas (UNT Dallas) and Dallas College, today announced a partnership to provide an apprenticeship pathway to jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem for new and recent graduates. This announcement comes after Cloud for Good...

Private equity firm acquires healthcare staffing provider Ro Health

Private equity firm Achieve Partners acquired Ro Health, a staffing firm providing healthcare professionals to schools. With the acquisition, Achieve Partners aims to launch a training program that will prepare entry-level workers with the skills to obtain full-time healthcare jobs.

Achieve Partners acquires Ro Health to create apprenticeships for school health workers

New York-based Achieve Partners has acquired Ro Health, a Seattle-based medical staffing and home health agency, to advance an apprenticeship program for entry-level healthcare workers, primarily school nurses and behavioral therapists.

Workforce Fund Invests in School Staffing Agency in Response to Growing Healthcare Crisis

Achieve Partners today announced an investment in Ro Health, one of the fastest-growing providers of nursing and behavioral therapy solutions in school and home health environments. The acquisition is the latest in Achieve's new fund, which helps companies build in-house training...

Multiverse’s Euan Blair on apprenticeships as the future

Tony Blair's eldest son Euan Blair founded an apprenticeship startup called Multiverse in 2016. Five years later, it has closed a Series B and a Series C round, which brings it total funding to $194 million. UNLEASH caught up with Euan Blair to discuss how apprenticeships could fill skills gaps.

No college degree? More employers than ever just don't care

If you don't have a four-year college degree, you're hardly alone. The majority of US working age adults do not. You may assume you have little chance of developing a well-paying career with benefits and growth potential at a Fortune 500...

Creating a Skilled Workforce to Build Back Better

In an era of natural disasters and pandemics, Build Back Better is a fair name for a policy platform. President Biden wants America to invest in new roads, bridges, digital systems, solar power, and electric cars.

Online Learning Platform Udemy’s Share Price Slips On First Day Of Trading

Udemy, an 11-year-old platform for online classes, went public on the Nasdaq today. Its shares, which opened at $29, fell 5% in the first day of trading to $27.50, valuing the company at $3.7 billion.

Optimum Healthcare IT Wins 2021 CHIME Foundation Partner Award

CHIME recognizes Optimum's Outstanding Contributions to the Healthcare Industry

Daniel Pianko and Nasir Qadree of Investing in the Future of Learning

An increasing amount of funds are seeking impact — both learner gains as well as financial returns. That means that edupreneurs being thoughtful about delivering valuable products and services are finding it easier to secure funding and scale impact.

Re-imagining Higher Education Through a Career-Readiness Lens

With employers and students both increasingly feeling like their degree programs aren’t adequately preparing learners for work, higher education institutions need to make sure they are delivering relevant, stackable and experiential learning.

Apprenticeship opportunities finder Multiverse masters $130 million

London’s apprenticeship finder Multiverse has found $130 million of its own in a Series C funding round. This funding arrives just 8 months since the company’s healthy $44 million Series B round, and now gives the startup a total of $194 million in the bank.

Multiverse, the tech-focused apprenticeship startup, nabs $130M at an $875M valuation

After rebranding from White Hat and raising $44 million earlier this year, tech apprenticeship startup Multiverse has raised another round of funding. The company today announced that it has closed $130 million in a Series C round.

Ryan Craig, Managing Director at Achieve Partners: Designing Solutions for 10 Million Unfilled Jobs

If you’re wondering why there are ten million unfilled jobs in the U.S. despite having an unemployment rate above pre-pandemic levels, Ryan Craig has part of the answer: traditional higher education is too expensive and can’t keep up with...

Reminding Congress of Workforce Education

Advocates and stakeholders are concerned that proposed new investments in community colleges are too focused on traditional higher education, leaving little for job-based learning.

Is the ‘bootcamp’ market really in the millions?

Coding bootcamps have once again captured the popular imagination. College enrollments have fallen substantially during the pandemic—and while there are a lot of reasons, Americans consistently say they’re interested in shorter education and training. Congress, too, is considering a major expansion...

Achieve Partners Acquires Metmox: MSSP and Investor Details

Metmox, based in Schaumburg, Illinois, has roughly 200 employees, the company tells MSSP Alert.

Students skip college

As more and more employers nix college degrees as a hiring requirement, students are choosing cheaper, faster alternatives to college like coding boot camps.

What Students Should Study

Students shouldn’t have a choice whether to learn quantitative skills such as data fluency. Colleges must ensure that they do, Ryan Craig writes.

Achieve Partners acquires Metmox to create apprenticeships for cybersecurity

There will be an estimated 1.8 million unfulfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. next year. That makes the industry a candidate for Achieve Partners’ Putting America Back to Work fund, which addresses critical skills gaps in the U.S. by buying companies...

The new marketplaces connecting school and work

Evidence continues to roll in that American workers are out of position for the high-value jobs of today and tomorrow. Start with the fact that there are 7.3 million unfilled jobs, millions of which are high-skill positions in IT, professional services and healthcare. Then add that employment growth in IT...

Will a Bachelor’s Degree Matter as Much for Gen Z?

Faster and cheaper pathways to good first jobs are poised to supplant slow, expensive bachelor’s degrees (particularly from non-selective colleges and universities) in Gen Z’s affections. Gen Z has already been prejudiced against large upfront investments. Why buy a car when...

Optimum Healthcare IT acquired by Achieve Partners

Private equity firm Achieve Partners acquired Optimum Healthcare IT, a provider of healthcare IT staffing and solutions headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, The acquisition is the first in Achieve Partners’ Putting America Back to Work Fund. Optimum Healthcare IT’s offerings include Optimum CareerPath, a paid apprenticeship program that helps to develop healthcare IT workers.

UTSA Alumni Association Joins Optimum CareerPath Partner Program

Optimum Healthcare IT, a Best in KLAS healthcare IT staffing and consulting services company, announced that they have partnered with The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Alumni Association in the Optimum CareerPath program. The CareerPath program is the first apprenticeship...

Rethinking Higher Education #5 — Dana Stephenson from Riipen

Riipen has experienced significant growth during 2020, with several partnerships secured, a nearly doubled headcount, and an 80% growth of new experiences delivered...

Federal work-study needs to grow up

Even before COVID, American higher education was facing a crisis of employability. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, well over 40 percent of new college graduates were underemployed in their first job. We also know that two thirds...

Here’s a rewarding investment: Boost the U.S. recovery by...

The booming stock market has masked the wide gaps in the U.S. economy and labor markets that are increasingly a threat to a full recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many low-income workers face the prospect that their jobs may never come back...

UNF paving the way for grads to succeed in the new economy

UNF was recognized on a national podcast, “Post Corona,” earlier this month for its cutting-edge initiative by joining graduates with companies that pay real salaries.

“Post Corona,” hosted by Dan Senor, released an episode on March 19 titled “Zoom University...

COVID-19 Has Widened the Skills Gap. But It Also Presents...

America’s skills gap has been widely discussed. The friction between postsecondary institutions failing to properly prepare job seekers and unrealistic employer expectations has led to seven million unfilled openings. Not surprisingly, the challenge worsened with...

University of Colorado Denver Partners with Optimum...

The University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) and Optimum Healthcare IT today announced a new partnership that provides a pathway for recent college graduates to high-paying healthcare IT jobs through a novel apprenticeship program.

What a Day in the Life actually looks like

Achieve Partners was one of the most formative experiential learning experiences I’ve had during my MBA. Not only did it give me a no-frills and honest perspective on how top socially focused funds are achieving...

The Rise of Jobtech

One of the challenges of working in education is that because everyone’s gone to school, everyone’s an expert. I don’t get it. I get my hair cut, but I’m definitely not an expert on cutting hair. Just ask my locked-down kids with the sad bowl cuts. But that doesn’t stop millions...

Earn as you learn a sought after health care IT skill

With unemployment at levels not seen in decades due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and underemployment affecting younger workers, it is easy to forget that there are still industries where qualified employees are in short supply. The health care industry is one of them...

University of North Florida launches EHR apprenticeship...

Jacksonville-based University of North Florida has partnered with Optimum Healthcare IT to establish an EHR apprenticeship program offering training to give hospital and health systems EHR support, according to a June 23 news release.

Students’ Internships Are Disappearing. Can Virtual Models Replace Them?

I’m Goldie Blumenstyk, a senior writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education, covering innovation in and around academe. As the Covid-19 crisis continues, here’s what I’m thinking about this week.

As Cities Axe Summer Youth Work Programs, Here Are Alternatives to Consider

In today’s lexicon, “dog days” conjure dreamy images of lazy canines and humans alike, basking under the summer sun. But it turns out that the phrase originated in ancient Greece, where it referred not to actual Mediterranean dogs but to the particular moment...

This entrepreneur booked 300% revenue growth in 2 years

Stacey Ecelbarger has forged a successful career in education services, but she’s also provided unique career opportunities for more than 200 veterans and military spouses. Ecelbarger is the co-founder and president...

Reimagining Internships for Adult Learners and a New Era...

By one estimate, more than 23,000 students graduated from coding bootcamps in 2019—up nearly 50 percent from the previous year. But how quickly they will land a job is unclear. Concerns over lack of experience is the top reason deterring employers from hiring...

RBC and Riipen launch national experiential learning partnership for Canadian youth

Thirteen post-secondary institutions from across Canada will connect students with practical work experience

Achieve Partners raises $180 million to boost apprenticeships and job placements

The fund will acquire businesses that provide apprenticeships in health care, information technology and other industries facing skills shortages, and move newly trained workers into high-quality jobs.

The Rise Of Skills-Based Hiring And What It Means For Education

The pandemic broke some old conventions and accelerated other trends. One convention that, for many tech employers, fell by the wayside was requiring degrees for every position.

The future of work-integrated learning

Katelyn Chan wondered what it was like to be an entrepreneur and grow her own brand. So when the Western University Ivey Business School student got the chance to intern at a startup through an innovative...

Rise of health care cyberattacks spells need for preventive measures, experts say

Midtown investment firm launches $180M fund for health care IT acquisitions. Ho fertility-tech platform closes $105M Series C round...

Achieve Partners acquires Optimum Healthcare IT to fill healthcare labor gaps

Florida-based Optimum Healthcare IT provides staffing and consulting services to 150 hospital systems in the U.S. Achieve Partners acquired the company to build a job training and apprenticeship program to provide talent for healthcare’s accelerating digital shift.

Jax-based Optimum Healthcare IT acquired by Achieve Partners

Jacksonville Beach-based health care staffing firm Optimum Healthcare IT has been acquired by a New York-based private equity group, a deal that the company said will allow it to expand its local apprenticeship program.

Achieve Partners Acquires Its Second Next-Gen Apprenticeship Platform

Freedom Learning Group prepares workers for in-demand online learning jobs; creates career opportunities for Military Spouses and Veterans

Anthology to acquire Blackboard, creating large private equity-owned company spanning ed tech markets

Anthology, a relatively new higher education software and services company, is acquiring Blackboard, long one of the most prominent companies in the educational technology space...

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