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Investing in the Future
of Learning and Earning

Leveraging investment and intellectual capital to build new models for learning and new pathways to economic opportunity

Our Purpose

Less than 4%

of global education and training spending on digital technology


Underemployment of new college graduates

Tens of Millions

of Americans don’t have clear pathways to good jobs

Two Distinct Private Equity Investment Strategies

Strategy #1: Investing in Digital Technologies That Make a Dramatic Difference for Learners of All Ages


projected growth in spending on AI technologies in next four years.


1:1 device penetration in schools.


new digital credentials being issued every day.


Chromebooks, the price of some textbooks.

up to 90%

improvement in learning outcomes from gamification.

$12.6 Billion

projected spending on AR/VR in education in 2025.

Strategy #2: Investing in New Models to Close the Skills Gap
and Pathways to Good Jobs

Over$1.5 Trillion

In total student loan debt. Average student loan debt per household has grown almost 1,000% in the past 20 years.


Of all students who undertake degree programs fail to complete (and many drop out with debt – the worst of both worlds).


Of recent college graduates still don’t hold a job that requires a four-year degree a decade after graduation

Only41 Million

American jobs still don’t require significant digital skills; nearly 100 million do.

As many as1 Million

Open positions require coding skills. More than 300,000 open positions call for Salesforce skills.


Of 16-19 year-olds seek summer jobs, down from nearly 70% a generation ago. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts teen workforce participation will drop below 27% by 2024.

Led by principals with decades of experience

Internationally recognized thought-leaders and authors on the future of work, closing the skills gap, workforce development, and higher education.

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